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Shadowbox Framing

Framed Artwork

Framed Artwork
   Custom framing is done by Alison Miner, a certified framer specializing in custom and conservation framing. At The Point Gallery & Framing, we love to work with original artwork and frame it in the most complimentary way. We will also frame your beautiful posters and prints.
   With extensive experience in framing unique art and memorabilia, including an entire tennis net from the U.S. Open, we have framed jerseys, golf flags, fire axes, pistols, swords, baptism gowns, wedding bouquets, and much more. We are experienced in shadow box and memory box framing, as well as assisting clients with custom mirrors for their bathroom renovations or new home.
Peace of mind
   Your artwork is not shipped to another location. All artwork is kept at the gallery and framed here.
   The Point Gallery & Framing has been called the “Imelda Marcos” of frames! You can choose from an outstanding number of frames, from very basic to very ornate in a wide range of prices. Don’t worry that you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices; we can very quickly help you narrow your selection as we consider your art, your style, and your budget.
   With frames from Designer Mldg., Larson Juhl, Roma, Nurre Caxton/Nielson, Nelson, Omega, Fotiou, AMPF, and Max Moulding, we have an extensive selection and stock a wide variety of wood and metal mouldings, as well as beautiful closed corner mouldings in 24Kt. gold.
   Many of our frame lines are now “tree friendly” and made in America. We also have a beautiful line of Roma ready-made sizes and have access to ready-made frames in larger sizes.
Collage of Framed Images